Our Story

Conceptualized to fill an unmet need... to be outstanding rather than good...

Shortly after we opened our retail store, we decided that we wanted to not only bring the best of “farmhouse” to our customers, but also create the best of farmhouse by way of our own candle line.  We had an opportunity carry some really nice candle lines in our own store, but it seemed like most had the same names, scents, and overall look and feel, and there was nothing truly unique or special about them. We queried customers and the feedback was overwhelmingly similar – the scents and packaging were “good but not a game changer”.  Customers said that if they couldn’t find a particular scent in a line they liked when they were shopping, they would just purchase something else that was available and make do.

We decided that “good” was not good enough... it had to special, outstanding and a must have!

We started to research how we could create a brand that would deliver the highest quality scents, the best and longest burning capacity for its size, and carry a theme/story that would make it unique and unlike anything else on the market. We quickly realized this was not going to be a quick or easy task.

Nothing off the shelf here...

Then, one day a customer came into the store that would help us create what it was we sought to do! This customer happened to work for one of the most prestigious Essential Oil and Aroma Chemical companies in the world. She advised that typically, their company wouldn’t work with a small enterprise like ours. Their typical customer was a global leader in the perfume, cosmetics, bath & body, candle or flavoring industry. We were new and small and could never have met their volume requirements necessary to have a chemist/mixologist assigned to us to create our own custom line of products. However, good fortune shone upon us! She was accompanied by a VP of the company who adored farmhouse and our ideas! Together they worked magic to allow us to pursue our vision as a one off. As such, City Barn | Country Penthouse Candle Co. was born.

 Unique story board concept...

So, we had conquered the feat of being able to create new and exciting scents from scratch that wouldn’t be found in other brands, and ensure they were created from the highest quality raw materials. Next we had to bring a unique concept to the candles that would differentiate them from others. As many ideas are born, the idea to create story boards emerged from one of those middle of the night “aha” moments! These “stories” would be dialogue excerpts like you’d find in a novel where you could imagine “what happens next” or “put thought into the potential multiple meanings”. The concept would allow the consumer to become engaged - be a part of the product, and create a meaning for themselves, or whomever the recipient of the candle was to be. Each and every story board is an original creation and written for the particular scent it adorns once the scents are created and approved to become part of the line.

Looking ahead...

We are truly blessed and proud to bring you what we hope will be a staple must have for your home, farmhouse, penthouse, beach house, office, cabana or anywhere you want to enjoy your favorite scent(s). We now offer our six (6) original custom curated Spring/Summer 2020 launch scents, as well as twenty-four (24) new creations in the Fall/Holiday 2020 collection. We are currently working on the Spring/Summer 2021 collection which we are hoping to release in early January 2021.

We plan to continue to expand our line and increase the number of stores where customers can experience and enjoy our vision.

Please enjoy your candle(s) and include them when you create your own stories and memories. It is our pleasure to welcome you to the City Barn | Country Penthouse Candle Co. family!

Thank you for coming along on this journey with us...

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